The sensual sounds of Smoota! Wed. Dec. 11th. 9pm.


The sensual sounds of Smoota!

Fetishes Record Release Tour!

“I’m psyched to be offering up this great release by local provocateur Smoota, best known as a sideman lending his formidable horn-playing talents to the likes of TV on the Radio, El-P, Sharon Jones, and countless others, but who steps out on his own for a killer album that combines the slinky DIY funk grooves of Shuggie Otis with the offbeat, trippy psychedelic stoner charm of James Pants, all topped off with a sly pervy streak that winks toward Serge Gainsbourg and the P-Funk mob. Made solely with bass guitar, Wurlitzer organ, trombone, a Maestro drum machine, and Smoota’s voice, the twelve songs on Fetishes offer up a killer platter of smooth, laidback soul and funk that’s slightly gritty at the edges; he’s a skilled musician with the chops to pull this off, playing everything himself and singing every note, and his take on this sound offers riches that reward with multiple listens. It’s definitely one of the year’s most surprising records (it literally came to us from out of nowhere, self-released by the man himself), and if you dig soul sounds that keep one foot in the pocket with the other out to lunch, you’ll definitely appreciate what Smoota’s offering here. This one definitely gets top marks all around from me! – Other Music newsletter (NYC record store)

“Like a cross between Barry White and Barry Gibb, young Brooklynite Smoota plays lusty pop….Spare Casio keys, white-boy soul, and a trombone (yes, he’s a trombonerist) are all the bedsit artist needed to lay down his Fetishes, an excellent example of how the libido sounds….You got to check out this cat’s spare yet groovy, uncomfortably honest yet funny fare.” – San Diego Reader

“I was intrigued by this unicorn of a man. So sexual, erotic and smooth…. It wasn’t until I found myself twerking my hips to his groovy sex music that I realized this boy’s got soul and I’m definitely in love.” –

“Looking at the cover of Smoota’s newest LP, Fetishes, you automatically know that this is going to be a provocative album. The lead singer, who has been the trombonist for TV on the Radio, sings so lustful in each track that you are automatically calmed and almost snared into a sensual trance. The fleshy tracks of Fetishes are euphonic to the ear both artistically and lyrically. Not only does he sing so melodious but behind the 8-Bit sounds and keytar riffs, you get a sense that the tempo and melody are flirtatiously calling your name (and yes, he plays the keytar superbly). One cannot listen to the track “Pink Bra Playing Guitar” without blushing and sweating around the neck. This track also has one the best trombone solos around; which along with the singer, pulls you close to Smoota’s chest and seductively whisper into your ears.” – Bulls Radio

“With an impressive resume of working with Deer Tick, Diamond Rugs and even New York City’s TV On The Radio, Smoota went on last with his soulful and sexy sound filled with groovy beats, synthy psychedelic notes on the keys, jazzy vibes courtesy of his trombone and even a tambourine. “Magician”, “40 Days 40 Nights”, “Pink Bra Playing Guitar”, “These Are The Things (That Fuel My Desires)”, “Ball Buster” and “Aphrodisiac” had people dancing in the rows and digging the sensuality…. Let’s hope he comes back to Providence again to seduce crowds all over the city.” –

“Each song is so sexy (instrumentals), yet weird (lyrics) at the same time…you almost feel wrong for digging it so much.” – Downtown Diaries