PACO DVOI: Local Man Delivers Potent Folk and Slam (LIVE CD Release)


Paco Dvoi CD Release

Local Man Delivers Potent Folk and Slam

Friday, January 22 :  The Shanghai  :  8:30 pm  :  $5 cover

Ξ  CDs AVAILABLE for sale  in the restuarant @$10 ea  Ξ

The physical release of Paco’s second album, Morphogenesis, will be celebrated with a live performance at Shanghai, featuring Karen Rauh on keyboard and background vocals. Paco’s sister, Esperanza, will also be in from Toronto to accompany her bro in the powerful duet “Money” about a sweet talking man wooing a street-hardened woman $5 cover at door.

Morphogenesis consists of 12 poetically-charged folk rock songs and spoken word pieces that explore themes related to life, death, love, and the delicate state of the world. Acoustic guitar songs with melodic vocal hooks and harmonies are juxtaposed with verbal outpours about life in North America, urban entrapment, estranged friends, the limits of progress and the need for widespread transformation. The album is a poetic reflection on certain aspects of societal illness, but also a celebration of artistic development and inner peace.