Shanghai Nights: Music and Comedy Ep. 10 – CINCO DE MAYO, May the 6th

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Shanghai Nights: Music and Comedy Episodio 10

CINCO DE MAYO, May the 6th, 7pm, $4, The Shanghai

Numero Diez en el Cinco De Mayo!

Celebrate the day the 8th seeded Mexican Army surprisingly upset the 1 seeded French Army in the battle of 1862 with Laughs, Tunes and Flavours!

Musical Feature: Jess Cole – Fresh off recording her first album, “The Shoebox Sessions”, Jess graces the Shanghai stage with her soulful vocals and music that can be describe as folk rock means baritone. Check here out before the show @!

Comedy (aka ,D) Lineup:  Bee Plus, Peter George, Lucia Gallardo,  Kyle Mesdag, Tim Riel

Cost: $4 whole dollars! (CT money accepted but not the points.)