Shanghai Nights Comedy N’ Waffles Episode XXVii – Sept. 1, 8pm-12am… Comedy, Karaoke, Disco!

shanghai nights comedy 01sep17

Shanghai Nights Comedy N’ Waffles Episode XXVii

September 1 – September 2

Sep 1 at 8:00 PM to Sep 2 at 12:07 PM EDT

Comedy. Karaoke. DISCO.

Show starts at 846pm EST.
Tickets :$5 online. $7 @ door
Wesbite to be posted after I finish making lunch for tomorrow. Or maybe this will work.

 Happy Pride and Manotick soap box derby day g(uy) (al) (entile) s

BINGO with CHINA DOLL, Fri. March 18 @ 7-10 pm

bingo @ shanghai 18mar16

BINGO IS BACK… Not your Grandmothers Bingo…

In fact, bring Grandma with you! Friday, March 18th @ 7-10 pm, Shanghai Restaurant…‪#‎WINNING‬

B-I-N-G-O is back and for those who have played before

you know you love the prizes and music, and there will be

singing, maybe some karaoke, extra prize giveaways,

food, drinks, snacks, and you can win this big lollipop…

lick it good like you should – CHINA DOLL

  Limited spaces.  Come early or call to reserve a seat or more!