Ottawa’s Chairman George and China Doll MUSIC VIDEO

Album “Bringing the Greek Party to China!”


Release date Fall 2018 ! From ancient cultures are born revolutionary sounds. Driven by a determination to re-imagine songs of the ages as sounds for our age, Greek-Canadian Chairman George presents a unique form of artistic fusion – one where the bouzouki cohabits with the pipa, where melodic Greek songs are performed in Mandarin, one where there are no borders. It’s a Mediterranean cruise up the Yangtze, and this is the soundtrack. In an era of too much conflict, Chairman George brings worlds together in celebration. And in dance. Based on Απόψε στις ακρογιαλιές by Vassilis Tsitsanis.
Publisher: Seed Point Music Publishing, Athens, Greece 乔治主席 Chairman George International performing artist CHINA GREECE CANADA Twitter: @Chairman_George Canada Mobile: 613 883 5307 Email: Web:

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